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A B I S M O B L A N C O: A Sonic Research

The noise artist and Costa Rican composer, Susan Campos—Fonseca has become known through her sonic agency and her experimental musical—research. In her new album, Abismo Blanco, she not only revives the quijongo, a unique musical instrument from northern Costa Rica, whose cultural heritage preserves the fusion of African, Asian, and indigenous influences but also engages the Cabécar indigenous community and the Kjala Bata indigenous women’s association.

Abismo Blanco is an exploration and reflection on Mother Earth, presented in a sonorous musical discourse where Campos—Fonseca shares the stage with Isabel Crespo, Julián De La Chica, Low Frequency Trio, Ileana [Moya] Obando and María Clara Vargas—Cullell.

Similarly, there is nothing in this album that can be separated from the social and personal biography, from the volcanic experience and ancestral memory, from such a complex and multidimensional artist, but above all, from a walker always open to deep listening, as is the composer Susan Campos—Fonseca.
— Jorge David García Castilla


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