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"Anthology Of Experimental Music From Latin America"

"Anthology Of Experimental Music From Latin America", the new sound mapping release by Unexplained Sounds Group

Not the walls that should collapse is that passive place and "of craftsmanship" that the market has given to the Latin American. Today, for a Latin American artist to be recognized in the global art markets, he must be able to say "from here I speak". Recovering myths, traditions, ancestral cultures and popular are some of the twists that artists seek to be legitimized. "And I wonder: why? Already when you start working with record labels, you realize that it is the same market that imposes these criteria of legitimacy. It's interesting. Why do not other people need it to create their own language? We need instrumentalists able to think and live up to their time. They will be accused of heretics, yes, but I invite you to heresy.

Susan Campos Fonseca

Published by ©Unexplained Sounds Group

Curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella

© 2023. All rights reserved


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