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Interview by "The Tico Times"

What do you enjoy the most about music?

"For me music is life. Generally, musicians say that, but it’s the truth. It’s life. It’s the air. It’s the blood in my veins. It’s what gives life to my heart, to my soul, to my ideas.

For me music is not art, and I must explain myself. Now that I’m 42 years old, I doubt if the concept that encompasses music is what that experience is. For me it has to do more with the experience of sonority. The experience of listening to the world. The experience of seeing how sonorous experiences of a different nature along with the musical experiences build a space, a reality, relationships… It has become something more philosophical. It’s like a philosophy of thinking about the other [person]."

- Susan Campos-Fonseca

Elizabeth Lang of The Tico Times and Susan Campos-Fonseca, Barrio Escalante, 2018.

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